Welcome to my site!  I am a mother and grandmother that loves to cook.  I’ve gone through a TON of cookware over the years and have gotten to know what products are quality and what are not.  I made this site to try and help people not buy products that I feel aren’t very good.  Keep reading to find out what the best cookware items and sets are!

Types Of Cookware Sets

One of the first things that you will need to decide on is what type of cookware you need.  I will go over what the main types are and what they are best used for.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel cookware is a popular choice and for good reason.  Not only does it look modern and trendy but it is built to last a long time.  The appearance has a luster that can’t be imitated easily.  It is able to greatly resist corrosion, as foods with alkaline in them aren’t able to react with the material.  It will pretty much last forever and does a great job of not getting scratched, stained, or dented easily.  Most brands being dishwasher safe is another benefit for easy cleaning.  The price is also very affordable so you can cook without breaking the bank!  I would recommend stainless steel sets for pretty much everyone.

Non Stick

Nonstick sets are known for being budget options.  This has good and bad points but there’s no doubt that they are probably the most popular types of cookware set that you will see in the typical American kitchen.  Some concerns were raised about the use of chemicals in the nonstick coating but the chemical of concern (perfluorooctanoate or PFOA) was requested to be eliminated by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2015.  These type are ideal for beginner cooks as they are easier to use and clean.  You must always make sure to use plastic, wood, or silicone utensils with these though.


If you’re a health conscious person then a ceramic set may be right up your alley.  Some of the chemicals that are produced under high heat in other types aren’t present in ceramic.  Thus the name of “green” cookware is commonly used.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is known for being more of an old fashioned type of cookware these days.  Making myself feel old here as I use it sometimes myself!  The main thing that is good about this type is the durability.  They are literally built to last a lifetime.  I can attest to this, I’ve had a cast iron skillet for the last 20 years and it still gets the job done.  Read more about the benefits of cast iron cookware and how it is a good choice to have in your kitchen.


A less popular option but one that can’t be left out either is copper cookware sets.  Options like the Copper Chef are very popular.  There is a lot of controversy surrounding this brand.  Does it live up to the hype?  Read my Copper Chef reviews page to find out if it’s a good option for you or not.

Pressure Cookers

Ahh pressure cookers.  My favorite way to cook roasts and other delicious dishes!  They are also commonly used for canning and sterilizing food jars.  The main reason to use a pressure cooker is that you can cook food faster while saving energy at the same time.  Germs and other dirty organisms are killed by the high heat to keep your food safe.  Although they are a bit more expensive than cooking with just a pot, they are well worth it in my opinion.  Read about more of the benefits and what the best pressure cookers are.